How to supervise students

The Language Lab allows you to see exactly what every student is doing at any time.

  1. From the home screen, under 'Recent Tasks' click on the name of the task
  2. This brings up the supervise screen.  Here you can see the progress of each student through the task, including:
    • Which cloze questions they answered correctly or wrongly
    • The length of audio and video recordings
    • The first few words of each written answer
  3. If you wish to take a closer look at any student's work, simply click on the question or activity to bring it up full screen, or select the student's name from the drop-down on the left.
    To return to the overview, press the 'back' button, or select the name of the group of students from the drop-down.  This also works from the home screen, under 'Online now'.
  4. To privately message or call any student, view their past work portfolio, view their work in the markbook or to take control of their screens, simply click their name and select the corresponding option.
  5. You can communicate with all students simultaneously by
    • Clicking 'Call all students' to speak to all students.  They can continue with their work while you speak, but you will not be able to hear them speak back.
    • Clicking 'Presentation', then 'Blank screens' will temporarily hide the students' work to focus their attention on what you are saying.  They will be able to hear your voice immediately.
    • Clicking 'Presentation', then 'Start Presentation' will allow you to control all students'  screens simultaneously.  See How to supervise students for more information.  As above, they will be able to hear you speaking.
    • Use the Notice Board in the bottom left to send textual messages such as hints or errata to all students.  Each task has its own notice board, which is accessible only to students for whom the task was set.  Students can also post their own questions and opinions on the notice board if you have enabled this when setting the task.