How to create a new resource


  1. From the Home screen, click 'Blank' to create a new, blank resource.
  2. Insert activities by clicking on the buttons in the right hand panel, or dragging them onto the canvas.
  3. The activities under 'Stimulus' present information to the student:
    1. Instructions for the students 
      1. Click into the white box and paste or type the required text into it.
      2. You can use the pop-up panel on the left to change fonts, styles, external links and input foreign accents
      3. This is also useful for providing reading materials.
    2. Audio Stimulus allows you to enter a listening exercise or audio instructions.
      1. Record or upload the audio
      2. Above the audio player is an area where you can input extra instructions for your students
    3. Video Stimulus is as for 'Audio Stimulus' above, but the recording has an accompanying video. 
    4. Picture Stimulus allows you to insert a picture such as a map or diagram for your students to view.  'Click here to upload a picture' and choose a picture from your computer.
  4. The activities under 'Response' require the student to do work which is returned to you for assessment.
    1. Text Answer requires the student to input text, such as a short essay or series of example sentences.  They will have access to foreign accents for input.
    2. Audio Answer requires the student to record a stretch of audio, such as a dialogue in the target language.  They can record directly online using a microphone plugged into the computer, or using an external device such as a mobile phone, and upload the sound onto the computer afterwards.
      1. Set the time limit for the recording.  This will save you assessment time, and encourages the student to record a concise answer.
      2. Input any additional instructions for the student in the box provided.
    3. Video Answer is as for 'Audio answer' above, but the student can also record video.  This is useful for many engaging language learning activities.
    4.  Multiple Choice requires the students to answer a multiple choice question
      1. Enter the question on the first line
      2. Input each option in the boxes provided
      3. Click 'Add option' to add another option, and remove an option by clicking the blue cross next to it.
      4. Select 'Students can select more than one answer' if there is more than one correct answer.  To get points for the question, students must select all correct answers.
      5. Select the correct answer(s) by clicking on the radio button next to them.
      6. The default is to award one point for each correct answer. To change this, click on the grading box, then enter a new number of marks.
  5. Decide on a marking scheme for the activity. The default is 'Total Sum' for automarked activities, and 'Comment Only' for text, audio and video responses.  If you are happy with this, proceed to the next step.  Otherwise, click on the grading menu to the right of the name of the resource to change it
    1. Comment Only: - qualitative assessment only.
    2. Mark out of: - a mark out of a fixed total, including percentages
    3. Grade A-E: free form grade entry, allowing A+, A*, A/B etc
    4. Custom grading: allows complex multiple criteria schemes
    5. Total Sum: adds up marks from all student responses and displays the total. 
  6. If you have more than one student respose, you will also be able to set the grading for each individually in a similar way, using the orange grading menu in the bottom right of the activity.
  7. The resource is automatically saved.  You can find it by clicking 'Set Work' then 'My Resources' from the Home screen.
  8. Click 'Set' in the top right to set the resource for your students immediately.