How to conduct a mock/practice examination

  1. Log in at and click 'Exams'.
  2. Click 'Choose Exam' and select the Practice Exam you wish to conduct from the drop-down list.
  3. Click 'Choose group' and select a group of students from the drop-down list.  If you have not yet entered students into the system, see How to enter students
  4. The Sound Check screen will now be displayed.  Plug in a microphone and do a test recording:
    1. Click the round 'record' button and check that the recording cursor is moving.
    2. Speak for a few seconds, then click the square 'stop' button. The recording is now saved.
    3. To check the recording, click the forward arrow-head 'play'.
    4. If you wish to redo the recording, click the red button once more. 
    5. The recording should be CD quality at a clearly audible level.  If not, see How to adjust your microphone level or ask your IT support to check this for you.
    6. Click 'Go to exam'.
  5. Select any candidate on your list and record the examination as above.
  6. If you later wish to conduct another mock examination with the same group of students, follow steps 1-4.  Then, on the 'Conduct Exam' screen, click 'Start new exam'.