Teacher Collaboration - Schoolshape 1.2

New and noteworthy:

Tasks can be shared between teachers.  For example, you can set work for your students and ask your teaching assistant to monitor students and mark their work.  The results will appear in your markbook.  Click the 'Advanced' tab when setting work to unveil this option.

Improved library and my resources.  The interface has been streamlined, making it much easier to search for teaching resources and browse by category.  We have recently also added many new French listening resources.

Speed improvements.  Welcome for those using older computers, the software is now much faster in many areas, especially in marking work and opening resources.  Loading the software and logging in is also much faster, and files are cached for improved performance.

Improved markbook.  The markbook is now more clearly laid out, and you can easily page through past work for any group of students.

Improved control setting tasks.  You can now specify when your students are allowed to start tasks as well as set a deadline, or specify that the task can be completed at the students' leisure.

As always, these improvements are automatically available to existing users at no additional charge.

These will be the last set of improvements before we release the 'Live' version of Schoolshape, due in the summer, featuring collaboration features, control of students screens, and teacher to student calls.  This will be the biggest upgrade to Schoolshape ever, so we're looking forward to letting it loose in the classroom!