Control Screens and Voice Communications - Schoolshape 2.0

 New and noteworthy:

Live Voice Communications: you can now directly call students for one-to-one conversations or broadcast to all students simultaneously.

Screen control: you can now blank student screens, or display the current task and manipulate what students see to give presentations and demonstrations or play audio or video to the students

Supervision:  you can now view what any student is seeing on his screen, or supervise all students simultaneously

Who's online:  you can see which students and staff in your school are also online from the 'Online Now' tab on the home screen.

Notice Board:  each task now has it's own notice board where students can post questions for the teacher or discuss the task.

Private messages: teachers can now send and receive private messages from students, but students cannot message each other.

Graphical redesign:  the navigation layout and home screen have been redesigned so as to be easier to use and display more information about the progress of your students' tasks