Suggested grouping for tasks tailored to individuals (example: learning a poem)

Your master group will contain the names of all the students learning a poem, so give it a suitable title, eg. Eisteddfod Entrants.

The sub-groups will contain the students learning a particular poem, so give each group a suitable title, eg. Mon Petit Chat Group.

Note: There may be only one student in each group, but there can be any number of sub-groups within the master group.

The structure will appear as a drop-down like this:

  • Eisteddfod Entrants
    • Mon Petit Chat Group
    • La Pendule Group
    • Mes Amis Group
    • etc

To create this structure:

  1. Log in and click Admin -> Students
  2. Create the sub-groups first
    1. Click ‘Add’ in the left-hand column ‘Groups’
    2. Type in a name (eg Mon Petit Chat Group) and a password for the students
    3. To add new students (or a single student) paste or type the names into the box, click ‘Next’ and ‘Confirm’ or click ‘Existing Students’ to select from All Students (or other existing group) and click ‘OK’
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 to create more sub-groups (eg La Pendule Group, Mes Amis Group)
  3. Now create the master group
    1. Click ‘Add’ in the left-hand column ‘Groups’
    2. Type in a name (eg Eisteddfod Entrants) and a password for the students
    3. Click ‘Existing Students’ and use the drop-down to select Mon Petit Chat Group
    4. Click ‘Select all’ and ‘OK’
    5. In the left-hand column, drag La Pendule Group and then Mes Amis Group into Eisteddfod Entrants.

To make any adjustments, you can select the whole group or individual students and click ‘Move to..’ in the bottom right hand corner. You can also click ‘more’ for options to ‘remove’ or ‘delete’.