Improve writing accuracy with inductive learning

Schoolshape has released a new free app, ‘CloudWriter’, to enable teachers and/or mentors to help students with writing skills. 

In CloudWriter, the student writes some text, for example a short message or a longer composition. All spelling errors and about 50% of grammar mistakes are caught by the app, and students are given hints to help them self-correct. Any remaining errors can be quickly corrected online by a teacher or exchange partner, and the student is given further hints for self-correction.
This reflects the theory that students retain the effects of correction much better when they make changes themselves.
The app works in 'real time' so that mentors can watch students' progress at any time.


  • A secure online word processor at
  • Works on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iPads, smartphones and more.
  • Automated hint generation for spelling and grammar errors in 18 languages
  • Specialized on-screen keyboard for tablets and smartphones
  • Keyboard access to foreign accents if required
  • Send work to a teacher for feedback and assessment online
  • Print-out including a summary of self-corrected errors
  • Automatic percentage accuracy assessment
  • Integrated commentary, feedback and discussion facility

Features under development

  • Multiple students may collaborate on a piece of writing
  • Replay students' work to show evidence of progress and analyse their writing ability