Schoolshape is a fully featured online language laboratory.
Please click the links below to download one or more of our support videos:

Lockdown Language Teaching
Reach out to students: assign, monitor and assess their work

First step (if you have not previously used Schoolshape in your school) 
How to enter student names so they can log into the lab  
How to assign a simple speaking task, and how a student can respond
Create a speaking resource by recording an audio stimulus
Cloze tests: creating gap-fill and drag and drop exercises
Adding an image for students to talk about
The Magic Connect Button
How the teacher can give permission to the student to share work and collaborate

How to assign a writing task 
Scaffolded writing and assessment
Helping students to improve their writing

Staff Administration
Accessing the resources library
Cooking up really useful resources
Teacher and student roles with a single login
Viewing the lab from a student perspective
Pairing via email
Practice makes perfect - The benefits of regular speaking practice
How to do language practice
How to download audio files

Student video broadcasting
Adding a new student to an existing group
Creating a new group
How to move students from one group to another
Adding more students to an assigned task

Making Video Resources for Students

Why video is a useful stimulus in Schoolshape worksheets
Overview showing how to make video resources for Schoolshape worksheets
How to make a video resource for vocabulary building (eg for basic level students)
How to make listening material for language students
How to share resources with other teachers in your school
How to move stimuli and responses around when creating a worksheet

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  If you would like to arrange for INSET training or a webinar for your school, see our training page for more information.