The next generation of language labs

The Schoolshape language lab is cloud-based language lab software that is constantly improved with suggestions from its users. It is especially effective in supporting mobile assisted language learning and teaching with the communicative method. You are welcome to contact us at

  • CD quality audio recording
  • Audio
  • Video
  • One-to-one audio calls
  • One-to-one messaging
  • Audio group discussion
  • Teacher-controlled pairing
  • Student-controlled pairing (optional)
  • Group text discussion (forum)
  • Upload resources
  • Private messaging
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Dialogue exercises
  • Audio and video upload and download
  • Supports mp3, flv, wav, wmv, mp4, ogg formats
  • Supports pictures in jpg, gif, png formats
  • Supports flash animations and games
  • Supports YouTube video
  • Download audio for use with mp3 players
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, MacOS 10.4+, Linux, ChromeOS.
  • Monitor students
  • Work portfolios
  • Teacher's record page
  • Tasks and deadlines
  • Worksheet designer
  • Multiple choice
  • Gap fill questions
  • Drag-n-drop exercises
  • Short answer questions
  • Essay questions
  • Automatic marking
  • Flexible assessment framework
  • French resources
  • German resources
  • Spanish resources
  • ESL resources

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The evolution of the language lab, from phonetics labs via digital language labs to virtual and cloud language labs
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