Wanderlust bedfellows!

The ability to speak a foreign language is a boon when satisfying that Wanderlust, even if only travelling the airwaves.

CE Speaking Tests 2021

UK Independent schools have used Schoolshape to record, submit and moderate ISEB examinations since 2009. To gain entry to many public schools such as Eton, Westminster and Harrow, candidates show their level of competence in one or more foreign languages. Junior schools record and assess the CE speaking tests on the Schoolshape Online Language Laboratory where they are automatically submitted to senior schools for secure online moderation. Due to Covid, submission of the tests was not compulsory for all schoools this year. However, despite this, it is notable that an impressive number of tests were conducted and submitted by the junior schools and then moderated by senior schools. Congratulations to all those candidates, examiners and moderators who defied the pandemic to maintain the highest possible standards of foreign language education in 2021.

The Importance of Regular Practice

Tailored learning

The days of 'any size fits all' are numbered. Every student or student group has different needs and Schoolshape caters for this without causing extra work for the teacher. The students get a good feeeling of getting the work and connections they need whilst receiving the right amount of teacher attention in their assessments.

Every worksheet has a control panel

Every worksheet is deployed with a control panel to ensure that evey student can be easily given the right level, collaborators and other options for each piece of work.