Speaking and writing practice

Synchronous or asynchronous

Whether synchronous or asynchronous, regular conversation practice is essential for language learning. https://youtu.be/1c73xiAZaco

Videos for listening comprehension or as a stimulus

In the Schoolshape Language Lab teachers can easily upload videos for listening comprehension or as a stimulus for speaking practice, conversation, grammar and composition exercises. Comedy duos provide excellent fodder for this purpose. https://youtu.be/smZSlkHfT-s

Added motivational and conceptual value of Schoolshape resources

Example of the sort of multimedia online resource you can assign as a task to your students with writing , speaking and grammar learning exercises. The option of working in pairs online either synchronously or asynchronously adds to the motivational and conceptual value of the resources.https://youtu.be/dd1Z3lrwjpg

Pairing students in any geographical location

Connecting students with each other for dialogue practice is useful. However, the connection needs to be contained within a constructive resource, instructing them what to say and do, supporting the language they'll use, and recording their efforts as a basis for future development. https://youtu.be/sGe5PykNfCM