Multimedia Interactive Worksheets Using the Schoolshape Language Lab, teachers can line up a series of interactive worksheets ready to use in their language teaching schedule. Each worksheet contains all the media required to teach the specific subject matter and, once assigned and completed, will also contain each student's work, much of which will be automatically assessed by the system, with a record of progress displayed in a timeline on the teaching screen.

Make FL Listening Material 'on the hoof' This shows a quick way to make FL Listening Material 'on the hoof' using google translate to create audio files which you can put on a Schoolshape language lab worksheet for listening practice, comprehension tests, speaking and repetition.

Gap-fill and drag-n-drop exercises Two of the many advantages of gap-fill and drag-n-drop exercises are (1) They are auto-corrected, so they save teacher time (2) they are great for differentiation because drag-n-drop are easier (for eg beginners) and gap-fill are more challenging.

Pairing and sharing tasks with external students and teachers

Surely the most important tool for any foreign language school or online classroom...The ability to get students working with each other and friends abroad.

Scaffolded Writing

Learning to do freehand writing can be hard enough in your own language. Writing accurately in a foreign language is a tall order for students, and hard work for teachers correcting their work. The solution is to provide support for the student, not just correcting their errors, but helping them towards the right answer with suggestions and hints. The Schoolshape does this, while also providing the teacher with an assessment of the student's writing accuracy based on the number of attempts made before arriving at the correct answer.