Privacy Statement

Your Data

This statement describes how we collect, process and protect your personal data. If you have any queries, please contact

Information We Collect

* Information You Provide

* Your name

This is used to identify you to other authorized users, for example to allow a teacher to see a list of their students.
If you elect to publish teaching resources that you have authored on our websites, these will be publicly labelled with your title, surname, and name of your school. You will be reminded of this before you publish your first resource.

* Date of Birth (students only)

We use students' dates of birth to ensure we comply with local laws in your country, to ensure materials are age-appropriate and to help teachers divide students into groups by age.

* Contact details

We use email addresses as the principal way to log in to Schoolshape, to recover your password, and to notify you when events occur, such as when work is submitted to you or when a teacher grades your work. If you opt-in to receive personalized recommendations such as age and level appropriate teaching resources, we will send these to your email address.

* Contents of student work, and comments left by teachers on student work

We may use some of this data to help us improve Schoolshape, for example improving the accuracy of the automated grammar checker or placing frequently used items at the top of lists.

Information you provide is stored until you explicitly delete or correct it or your account is deleted.

* Information Collected Automatically

* A persistent cookie to identify your browser to our systems
* Browser and operating system name and version
We use this information to help track down and fix any issues that occur with Schoolshape.
* Your IP address
We use IP addresses to detect and block abuse of our systems, and to detect your country of origin to display content relevant to your locale.

Automatically collected information is kept for up to three years, or until the linked account is deleted.

How We Protect Your Information

We do not share your information with anyone else. Schoolshape does not include any 3rd party cookies, trackers, advertising or any other privacy-invading technology.

Your personal information is stored on our servers. These are leased from a third party but no access to the stored data is given to the provider and where practical it is encrypted at rest. We ensure that our server provider has the highest possible standards of security and data protection. Our current provider is DigitalOcean, please see [their privacy policy]( for further information.

We take great pains to implement the highest possible levels of security to protect your personal data. For example, all information sent between your computer and our servers is encrypted, and no passwords are stored in our database. Our servers are protected by multiple layers of firewalls and we employ active intrusion detection techniques to detect attacks before damage can be done.

In the unlikely event of a breach, we will publicly disclose all information as it becomes available where this does not conflict with our other legal and privacy commitments.

How To Update or Delete Your Information

If you wish to update, delete, correct, export or otherwise access your data, please email us at

If you wish to withdraw previously given consent for or object to the processing of your data, please email us at

Children's Privacy

For the purposes of this document, children are defined as being under the age of 16 in the EU, the UK and the Channel Islands, and under the age of 13 elsewhere.

We do not knowingly allow children to use Schoolshape without the consent of their teacher or guardian. To enforce this to the best of our ability, we collect the date of birth of newly registered students, and automatically lock the accounts of users known to be children until we have received consent from a verified teacher or guardian.

We verify teachers via face-to-face video conferencing, or by the mandate of a school administrator who has been previously verified. If you wish to become a verified teacher, please visit [ ] to schedule a meeting.

Once a teacher is verified, they can consent to the processing and storage of their students' data on their behalf, and their accounts will be unlocked. Once a child is old enough to consent to use of their data on their own behalf, they will be prompted to do so the next time that they log into Schoolshape.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. If it changes materially, we will notify you via email.