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How to spice up grammar worksheets

This worksheet at was created by a teacher in 10 minutes. It contains the words of the song by Celine Dion Parler à mon père. She wanted to make an online resource, containing a variety of stimuli and responses, instantly ready for completion and submission by her students on their web devices, such as iPads.

A New Recipe: Media Rich Worksheets for Language Learning

Cooking up the perfect worksheet is getting easier.

A sense of ownership and responsibility … A subtle change in the learner’s perspective from The Cloud?

There is much talk of learners ‘taking ownership’ of their studies. (Example) After all, it stands to reason that an individual will be more interested in what he is doing if he feels he is in control and understands it.

Regular speaking in a foreign language

The most enjoyable and useful part of learning a foreign language is speaking it. Successfully uttering the new sounds is rewarding and motivational, particularly for learners who have difficulty with the grammatical side of language learning.  

Using online systems to support learning and assessment in modern foreign languages

The prevalence of online devices (desktops, laptops, tablet computers, net-books, smart phones) has recently brought about some major changes in schools.

By connecting to powerful remote computers over the Internet, personal devices can now be used as a simple, cheap, portable, and easily replaceable educational tool.

The reduced capital outlay and the simplicity of using straightforward web pages are particularly attractive to schools on limited budgets.

Regular speaking practice

Motivation, self-confidence and general enjoyment are key factors in language learning.

Expanding the range of languages taught at primary and secondary level

Many language departments would like to be able to offer teaching in minority languages such as Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew or Polish, but resources are not available to provide specialized staff.  Here, we present the case for high quality tuition for schools, colleges and individuals.

Entering Speaking Examinations Online

Speaking Tests can be time-consuming for both examiners and moderators.

Each student must be taken out of the class to be interviewed. When the tape, disc, or file is recorded, forms must be filled out, and the tape accurately labelled and posted to the correct location (in the case of some exams, to several different locations depending on the candidate).   

Using puppets for language teaching

Puppets have long been recognized as a powerful stimulus for oral work for many reasons.

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