How to spice up grammar worksheets

This worksheet at was created by a teacher in 10 minutes. It contains the words of the song by Celine Dion Parler à mon père. She wanted to make an online resource, containing a variety of stimuli and responses, instantly ready for completion and submission by her students on their web devices, such as iPads. After creating it, she was able to track their performance in her online markbook/gradebook, and give the students oral or written guidance in synchronous or asynchronous mode.  

This is how she did it.

The teacher took a blank canvas in her homepage at and selected a picture and an audio file from the &;stimuli&; in the menu on her worksheet palette: 


She then selected a &;Gap Fill&; , &;Text&; and &;Audio&; responses from this menu:

After uploading the image and audio file, specifying the gaps to be filled in the cloze test and writing short instructions, she clicked the &;Set&; button on the resource for it to appear immediately on the &;To Do&; lists of her students.

To follow your own recipe, log in at and give it a go!