Learning in pairs: why not?

Language learning is a social activity. This is true for all communication skills ... speaking, listening, reading and writing etc. So why not give students the option to collaborate on ALL their language learning activities?

Language learning isn't individual

To treat language learning as an individual learning exercise is a serious mistake. This error became commonplace in educational institutuins began to teach foreign languages, and compounded by examinations which relied on individual testing to assessment. As we all know, language is a two-way thing, and should be taught as such.

The right international moves

The ability of its leaders to communicate effectively on the international stage is invaluable for every nation's economy.


Video or other stimuli function as a signpost indicating and inspiring students on the next step to take in their language learning. A variety of activities are added below the video including speaking writing and collaboration with other teachers and learners. This creates a worksheet or a series of worksheets to create a personalised language course.

Connect and record

Learning new words in another language is one thing, but using them effectively on someone else is the magic. The challenge for language teachers is to connect, record and reward their students.