Listening, cloze, speaking and full lab functions on a single worksheet

This short video shows how you can assign a worksheet with listening, speaking, grammar exercises and full language lab functions all on one page

Differentiation and Number Crunching

Every student's needs are different, and for a language teacher things can get complicated when connecting learners for speaking or other collaboration. If the students are in class, this is already a challenge, but if they are in different geographical locations, the connection can be very challenging. Add to this the complexity of assessing individual performance, the whole thing is practically impossible to organise without a language lab to do the number crunching.

Sharing Cultures

Sharing cultures internationally is intrinsic to second language learning.

See, hear, speak

Seeing, hearing and speaking are the key components of conversation in most languages. The most important elelment in the development of self-expression using new words in a second language is the utterance of each new word or structure within a few seconds of seeing and hearing it. Every Schoolshape worksheet provides this opportunity.

Learning in pairs: why not?

Language learning is a social activity. This is true for all communication skills ... speaking, listening, reading and writing etc. So why not give students the option to collaborate on ALL their language learning activities?