Guidelines on copyright and using pictures from the internet

If you are creating resources for use with your students or for publicly sharing with other teachers for use with their students:

  • You may use material from the internet (eg: Google images, Youtube) and may alter them as you see fit as your resource will be covered under copyright 'fair use' in most countries.  However, we advise that:
    • You should not use images that are expressly being sold online, such as from stock photo sites
    • On receiving a request from the copyright owner, we will give them the benefit of the doubt and temporarily remove the resource until the issue is settled.  We will notify you if this occurs.

If you are creating resources you intend to sell for profit:

  • You must ensure that the copyright for the material permits you to reuse and sell it.  Eg: creative commons material, or material where you have written permission from the copyright holder.