How to record from a tape onto Schoolshape

Instructions to move audio from a tape recorder onto Schoolshape.  We are considering introducing a postal service to cope with this need, so if you find yourself doing this frequently, please contact us.

  1. Connect the tape recorder 'line out' to computer 'line in' socket using cable (with minijack or phono connectors)
  2. Start up the recording software on computer, such as Audacity or Windows Sound Recorder
  3. Check input volume for 'line in' in 'Sounds, Speech + Audio Devices'
  4. Click 'record' in your recording program on your computer and press 'play' on tape recorder
  5. When the recording is finished, click 'stop' in your recording program on your computer, and save the file as mp3, e.g. 'Katie Jones.mp3'.
  6. In Schoolshape, navigate to the screen where you want to use the recording.  The Schoolshape recorder/player should be displayed.
  7. In the bottom right corner of the Schoolshape recorder/player, click the spanner and then 'Upload' and navigate to the .mp3 file you wish to insert.