How to reorganize student groups at the start of a new academic year

  1. From the home screen, click 'Admin' -> 'Students'.
  2. Organize your students into year groups:
    1. To create a group for each school year, click 'Add Group' then 'Existing students'. Fill in a name for the group (eg. 'Yr8 2013-14'),
    2. Select the students to be put in this new group, then click 'OK'.  If the names you require are not listed in 'Existing students', then select 'New Students' and type or paste them in.
    3. Repeat steps a and b until all groups and students are organized by year.
  3. Release 'graduating' students from your school:
    1. Select the group containing students who have now left your school.
    2. Click on the students you wish to 'graduate'.  (To select all the students in a group, click on the first one,  then shift-click on the last one).  
    3. Select 'Edit', then 'Graduate students'.  Click 'Graduate students' again to confirm.
    4. To delete an empty group that is no longer relevant, select it, click 'Edit', then 'Delete group'.  For example, if your year 8 have just graduated, and you have sub-groups '8A', '8B' and '8C‘ within year 8, you can delete these 3 sub groups, leaving the year 8 group empty. 
      NB:  CE Speaking Tests of 'graduated' students will remain accessible to the teacher/examiner in 'Past Exams'.   All other data is retained by Schoolshape for student reference only, until s/he is registered with a new school.
  4. To add students who have just joined your school, select a group, click 'Edit'->'Add students'.
  5. If you have any queries,  please contact us .