Get started in 5 minutes

Set a speaking task:

  1. Click 'Speaking'
  2. Type 'Talk about your family' into the instructions box provided.
  3. Click 'Set' to set the work for your students.

Add some students:

  1. Enter '123' for the password
  2. Paste these names into the box provided and click 'Set'
          Johnny Allbright
          Mary Challinor
  3. Click 'OK' on the confirmation dialogue that appears. You will now see 'Speaking activity' as the only task in your task list.

Pretend to be the student and do the work:

  1. Click 'Home', then 'Log out'  (or go to on another computer)
  2. Enter the student's name and password ('123') and click 'Log in'
  3. Click the round 'Record' button, wait till 'Recording' is displayed, then record a few sentences in the target language.
  4. Click the square 'Stop' button when finished
  5. Click 'Hand in'

Assess the student's work:

  1. Log out of the student's account and log in as yourself once more
  2. Click 'Speaking activity' under 'Handed In'
  3. Click the triangular play button to hear the student's work
  4. Give feedback in the box provided and click 'Hand work back to student' or 'Student to redo work'.


Next step

Prepare a list of your students’ names and set a simple reading, writing, listening or speaking task for them. Bear in mind that the amount of recording space for speaking tasks is limited in the free version, but there are no limitations on the other tasks.


Other suggestions

Browse the Resources Library for tasks ready to set.

Create your own resources and share them with other teachers