How to give presentations

Presentations are currently limited to materials contained within the current task - you cannot for example use powerpoint slides or project your desktop yet (though we are working on it).

  1. Tell your students to log in, then click on your task from the Home screen.
  2. You will see the task in &;student view&; to which you can add answers or hints in readiness for your presentation.
  3. Click &;Blank screens&;.  This will prevent the students from starting the task and focus their attention on your words, which they can hear through their headsets or speakers.
  4. When you and your class are ready, click &;Start Presentation&;.  The model answer in front of you will appear on all students&; screens.
  5. Give your presentation as you wish
    • Students can hear you talking, but you cannot hear them.  
    • Playing video or audio on your answer will also play it on student screens
    • Filling in examples as hints will be visible to the students
    • Students can raise questions by posting them on the notice board in the bottom right if you have allowed this when setting the task (How to supervise students).
    • Adjusting the division between the stimuli above and responses below or scrolling them up or down will cause the students&; screens to react in the same way.
  6. Click &;Release&; to allow the students to start their task.