Using the MAPLE publishing system

MAPLE is an advanced platform for publishing and monetizing educational materials.  If you are a designer or publisher, please contact us to open an account.

The basic unit of organization in MAPLE is the channel, which is the digital equivalent of a textbook or collection of resources, and can be made up of a static set of materials, or continually updated with a stream of new resources.

A channel can contain many learning and teaching resources, and is the smallest unit in which your customers will purchase access to your materials.

To create a channel, log into any Schoolshape account with publisher access rights.  Click MAPLE, then Channels, then new channel;.  Use the controls to set the channel name (as shown to customers) and adjust the subscription model, price, level of free trial access and other settings.

When you have set this up, you can visit the Library screen and drag and drop your resources into the new channel you have made.  A resource can be added to more than one channel, in which case it will be available to customers who subscribe to either channel. Your channel will be immediately available for subscription on the Schoolshape resources site corresponding to your subject.  For example, a Channel named Une Dizaine de Chansons could be found at:

To embed the materials into your own website, please contact us for further information.