How to moderate an examination

  1. Log in at
    (To receive a new password, click 'Lost password?' or contact us).
  2. Click 'Exams'.  
  3. On the left of the moderation screen is a list of schools with the names of their candidates.
  4. Select any candidate and click the triangular button to play his/her recording.  You may pause or stop at any time during playback.
  5. In the timeline the small, round yellow cursor can be dragged to any position in the recording. 
  6. Below the player are the comments and marks awarded by the candidate's teacher.  Edit the marks, as required. The original marks will then appear in brackets.
  7. If you wish to make a general comment, click on the name of the school and type in the 'Moderator's Comment' box.
  8. If you wish to send feedback on an individual performance, type next to the headings: 'Quality of recording', 'Candidate's performance', 'Quality of marking', 'Examiner's contribution' and 'Additional comments'
  9. Click 'Finish' to save your moderation.  However, this will still be saved automatically.
  10. To move on to another candidate, either click on a name or click 'Next'.
  11. To check or redo any of your moderations, click on the candidate's name once more.