Induction Meetings: June, October, November 2009

From 9-13 November 2009, five induction meetings were held on the subject of 'Common Entrance MFL Speaking Tests: Alternative to cassette recording using online system'

The hosts were Lockers Park School, Pangbourne College, St Mary's School, Downe House and St Paul's School. The agenda included a short demonstration of Schoolshape Examination Entry, followed by a practical ICT session. These meetings were attended by language teachers from 40 prep schools.

From 5-9 October 2009, induction meetings were held at Sherborne School, Epsom College, Wellington College, Roedean School and Forres Sandle Manor School. Representatives from 42 prep schools attended these meetings.

At the June 2009 induction meeting, hosted by Charterhouse, 22 prep schools were represented.