2010 New Year's Language Lab Upgrade

After three months of hard work, version 1.0 of the Schoolshape Language Lab software has been released!  The Schoolshape team is working continuously on improvements and new features to help with the language learning process.

No Usernames: Teachers and students no longer have a username. Everyone now has to log in using their own names. A drop-down guesses the name after 4 characters have been typed in. Identical names within a school are differentiated on the drop-down.

Create Resources: The previous format of 'Set work using X, students must do Y' has been replaced by a more comprehensive, flexible system of creating resources. This allows the teacher to use any combination of stimuli and student responses, including pictures and multiple choice answers. It is, of course, still possible to set a simple audio or video recordings or a basic text response.

File Resources: Resources that the teacher has created are now stored in 'My Resources' under 'My Work', where they can be selected for re-use. Other resources can be selected from the Library to be used or modified.

Automatic Marking: Multiple choice questions are automatically marked and scores for each section of a task are automatically totted up.

Live Overview: From this new screen, the teacher can view, in real time, the progress of students as they complete a task. From 'My Work', select a task and choose 'Live Overview'.

Bookmarks: Students can now set bookmarks as they listen to audio and video stimuli to help them navigate back and forth through the recording.

We welcome your feedback - please contact us if you have any suggestions.