Student Management and Translations - Schoolshape 2.1

 Schoolshape 2.16 is now online and serving schools across the UK and US.

Improvements include:

  • New student manager
    • Clearer and simpler interface
    • Arrange groups of students into hierarchies by dragging or clicking 'Move to..'
    • Guards to prevent the creation of multiple accounts for each student
    • Reset passwords of students en masse
    • See which students are online and message or call them
  • Enabled continued audio and video recording even on internet failure
  • Translations of the user interface into French and Spanish as well as US and UK English and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Option to enable or disable the noticeboard on a task by task basis
  • School Resources - share resources between different teachers in your department
  • Small screens - improved display on netbooks, tablets, TVs and other low-resolution screens.
  • Marking - allow half-marks, and add up total marks as you assess work
  • Foreign Accents - added convenient foreign accent insertion for German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.