New Resource Designer and Layout - Schoolshape 2.4 Released

 Schoolshape 2.4 is now online. This is a major upgrade, focusing on display of resources and student work.

New Resource Display Engine
Resources and students' work now display clearly on screens of all sizes
Space on big screens is maximized
Display is appropriately adjusted for small screens
Sliding dividers and scroll bars replaced by click function
Automatic numbering of activities and stimuli
Faster display of resources
New Resource Designer
Create new resources by dragging and dropping activities and stimuli into place
New assessment interface
Easier, clearer control of manual and automatic assessment criteria
Faster input of assessment
New design for display of assessment information
Speed and design improvements to library interface to facilitate browsing and searching for materials
'Embed' function enables pasting of resources and activities into VLE or school website.

No action is required to receive the upgrade. To explore the new features, just log in at