New Resource Library included in Schoolshape 2.5

Schoolshape's new resource library features a 3D interface which makes finding appropriate resources literally two clicks away.  Resources can be searched and filtered by subject, level, topic, skill, grammar point, publisher and more.  The library is automatically filtered by subject, level and age appropriateness for your students - visit the 'My Settings' page to check that these are correct.  Resources can be organized by level based on almost any criteria scheme, including national curriculumn descriptors, the European Common Framework, IB, GCSE, A-level, Common Entrance attainment targets and more.

Several publishers working with Schoolshape now have their own sections of the library.  To browse these, click 'By Publisher' in the library.  Some resources are offered by publishers for free, while others, marked with a currency symbol, can be purchased through Schoolshape's invoicing system.

The new resource library is also available without requiring login at our sister sites,, and

Other improvements include

Students can now access the resources library, allowing them to take more responsibility for their learning by selecting their own learning resources.  Currently, self-selected resources are not saved to students' portfolios or sent to the teacher - we expect this to come later this year.  The feature can be turned off from the 'Subscription' screen.