Flexible tasks and faster synchronization

New in Schoolshape 2.10:

Setting work for students is now much more flexible.  You can set:
- work for a small number of students, without having to create a new group
- the same task for multiple groups
- several pieces of work at once

You can also add or remove students from a task after it has already been started.

To set work for individual students without having to create groups:
First, create a resource or select one from the library, and click &;Set Work&;
Then, click on the students&; names.  Click OK to finish.

To set more than one piece of work at once:
Ctrl-click (on MacOS computers, Cmd-click) the relevant resources in the library, and then click &;Set work&;

To add a student to an ongoing task:
First, click on the task from your home screen or the task list
Then click &;Edit Task&;, then &;Students&;
Click on any student to add them to (or remove them from) the task, and click &;OK&; to finish.

Other updates include reducing the delay between teachers and students while supervising and controlling screens, improving the teacher&;s home screen display and the ability to convert pictures into picture labeling exercises.