Schoolshape in Brazil

Last week representatives of 4All Brazil, a language school based in Sao Paulo, flew to the UK Channel Island of Jersey to meet the directors of Schoolshape Limited to discuss the distribution of Schoolshape’s language learning software to educational institutions across Brazil.

There is an urgent need for the populations of developing countries to learn foreign languages such as English. With the cloud-based lab, users can work on computers already installed in schools or on their own devices at home. Teachers can organise, differentiate, record and monitor their students’ work in all four language skills. Language schools can use the system very effectively on a large scale, and thus play an important role in boosting their national economy.

In 2011 the director of 4All Brazil saw the advantages of using an online system to teach English to adults in Sao Paulo.  Over the last 3 years, the company has used the software developed by Schoolshape so successfully that they are looking to expand their operations.