How to create an audio gap fill (prompt and response) task

Audio Gap Fill supports 'Repeat after me' and dialogue style exercises. They offer a better way of creating exercises that would have been solved using two cassette players in the old language labs. When creating a new exercise, choose 'Audio Gap Fill' from the right-hand palette.

  • Hit the round 'record' button, record the first prompt and then click the square 'Stop' button. You will see the wave form and a 'gap' appear for the students to record in.
  • Hit record again to create the second prompt.
  • When done, you may test the exercise from the student's point of view by selecting 'Student answer view'. Schoolshape will play the first prompt, and then automatically start recording the student's response. It will detect when the student has finished speaking, and play the next prompt automatically.
  • If background noise interferes with the automatic detection, the student can hit the stop button at any time to proceed to the next prompt. They can also go back and re-record earlier sections if they wish.