Merge Students and Improved Feedback - Schoolshape 2.2

 The rollout of Schoolshape version 2.2 is now complete for all users. Improvements include:

  1. 'Merge Students' button to combine accounts of students who have been accidently entered into the system several times.
  2. Improvements to picture labelling exercises to make them easier to design
  3. Improved navigation to move between different dates and groups in the markbook
  4. Improved feedback page for students.
  5. Uploading audio files now supports wma, wav, flv and mp3 in addition to direct recording.
  6. Improved language detection for users outside the US
  7. A number of small bugs and display issues solved.

Student Management and Translations - Schoolshape 2.1

 Schoolshape 2.16 is now online and serving schools across the UK and US.

Improvements include:

  • New student manager
    • Clearer and simpler interface
    • Arrange groups of students into hierarchies by dragging or clicking 'Move to..'
    • Guards to prevent the creation of multiple accounts for each student
    • Reset passwords of students en masse
    • See which students are online and message or call them
  • Enabled continued audio and video recording even on internet failure
  • Translations of the user interface into French and Spanish as well as US and UK English and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Option to enable or disable the noticeboard on a task by task basis
  • School Resources - share resources between different teachers in your department
  • Small screens - improved display on netbooks, tablets, TVs and other low-resolution screens.
  • Marking - allow half-marks, and add up total marks as you assess work
  • Foreign Accents - added convenient foreign accent insertion for German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


Schoolshape featured on

This week Schoolshape director Peter Smith had the pleasure of conversing with the highly respected and influential online commentator, Kirsten Winkler.  Kirsten is a prolific exponent of the latest Web 2 technology with a shrewd understanding of how new online initiatives facilitate the teaching and learning of foreign languages.

Although the collection of informative articles on Kirsten's blog are centred on the burgeoning personal education sector, there is no doubt that Web 2 is beginning to have a profound effect on teaching and learning in the classroom.  Today's generation of schoolchildren is indeed 'internet ready'. Searching for information, connecting with others, and using web tools are skills which have become second nature to most students. Educationalists are in a unique position to capitalise on these skills already acquired by their students. The teacher can profit from web 2 by setting, marking and differentiating. By tailoring work more precisely to each student's needs, he can allow them to progress at their own pace, guiding them and encouraging them to use a medium which they accept as part of their daily lives.

Watch the interview here.

Control Screens and Voice Communications - Schoolshape 2.0

 New and noteworthy:

Live Voice Communications: you can now directly call students for one-to-one conversations or broadcast to all students simultaneously.

Screen control: you can now blank student screens, or display the current task and manipulate what students see to give presentations and demonstrations or play audio or video to the students

Supervision:  you can now view what any student is seeing on his screen, or supervise all students simultaneously

Who's online:  you can see which students and staff in your school are also online from the 'Online Now' tab on the home screen.

Notice Board:  each task now has it's own notice board where students can post questions for the teacher or discuss the task.

Private messages: teachers can now send and receive private messages from students, but students cannot message each other.

Graphical redesign:  the navigation layout and home screen have been redesigned so as to be easier to use and display more information about the progress of your students' tasks

Online Submission of Common Entrance Speaking Tests May 2010 - Schoolshape Report

Following the successful Pilot Scheme of May 2009, many prep schools used the Online Examination Entry system for submission of the MFL CE Speaking Tests in May 2010.

An offline version of the software was provided for use during the examination period.  It enabled files to be recorded onto the computer's hard disc in the event of an interruption to the school's internet connection. This provided a safety net for those schools with unreliable web connections.

  • 88 prep schools used the online system to record their CE Speaking Tests.
  • 2,045 examinations were successfully submitted.
  • 12,723 minutes were recorded at CD quality. 
  • 126 senior schools moderated online.  


Comments from teacher examiners in prep schools and moderators in senior schools have been very positive.  These are just a few samples:

'Having moderated some of my CE Speaking tests using Schoolshape for the first time, I must admit I found it extremely helpful in terms of time management. I also rate very highly the excellent quality of the recordings and the user-friendly format to access and moderate the audio files. Some other schools sent out tapes and CDs which made the task in hand more tedious and time consuming'.

'The system is a highly efficient way to liaise with the Senior School staff for feedback'.

'All moderation done, and the quality of recording and ease with which the job can be completed are exceptional'.

'I am very grateful to Schoolshape for making the marking of the CE oral much easier; the quality of the recordings is very high, access to the files is clear and user friendly. It is a pity that some schools have not yet joined. There are still some people sending cassettes'.

'I do like the interface of the product - it is so simple and easy to use'. 

'I approve of the online method - it is environment friendly.'

'Conducting the speaking tests was SO much easier this time.  Many thanks for all your hard work in bringing in such a useful system.'

Issues and Recommendations for Teacher Examiners

1. Two schools were unable to submit their exams because their computer network was set to (a) disallow all outgoing data and (b) delete all data on the examiner's hard disc.
Solution:  Check with the school network manager that the required connection to the internet has not been blocked (Full technical information is available at Also check that the Schoolshape backup facility is allowed to save data to the examiner's hard disc in the event of an interruption to the internet connection.
2. One school used a faulty microphone.
Solution:  Use the microphone for a practice examination to ensure that it is working consistently.   
3. A few examiners did not adjust the microphone settings on their computers and therefore recorded at low volume.
Solution:  Use the Schoolshape microphone check to ensure that the playback volume is satisfactory.


 The positive feedback and encouraging statistics indicate a successful first year of widespread use of the online method of submission for the CE Speaking Tests.  

Online Language Lab

We recommend schools to consider using the Schoolshape Online Language Lab for teaching and learning.   
Regular usage will help teachers and candidates to become familiar with online recording and help to ensure the smooth running of next year's oral examinations. 
With the online language lab, speaking and listening tasks are as easy to set and monitor as reading and writing exercises.  Students can practise all their language skills not only at school, but securely at home or anywhere with access to the internet.