Internet radio in the classroom

Schoolshape now supports embedding internet radio and tv streams into your resources for high-level listening practice.  When designing a resource, choose &;From the Web&; and insert the address of the internet stream (beginning rtmp://..).

If there is demand, we will be working on a friendlier way to do this that doesn&;t involve addresses!  Please let us know if you need help with this.  We will be posting some examples to the public resources library soon.

Student group filters

In &;My Students&;, there is a new dropdown below the groups list, which lets you hide irrelevant groups.

You can choose &;mine&; to show only groups you manage, &;shared&; to show only groups shared across the whole school or &;mine+shared&; to show both of these.  Administrators also have the option &;all groups&; so that they can help other teachers manage their private groups.

Inter-school resource sharing

Schoolshape 2.13 is now live for all, here&;s what&;s new:

It&;s now possible for all teachers to share their creations into the public resources library.  The process works as follows:

  1. Create a resource, and use it with your own students
  2. Students can rate the resource from one to five stars
  3. Once at least five students have rated it, with average of over three stars, it is then eligible for publication.
  4. From the resource designer, choose &;Edit › Share&;
  5. Your creation will then appear in the public library

When resources have been rated particularly highly by students, teachers will be prompted to share the resource at the end of a marking session.

More features coming soon...


Rating resources for quality

Both students and teachers can now rate library resources on a five star scale.  Teachers can rate by clicking the star icon in the top right of the resource, reflecting their opinion of the educational value of the resource.  Students will be asked to rate about 10% of the resources they complete, based on how interesting/fun they thought they were.

Teacher and student ratings will be combined and used to rank resources within the Schoolshape library so that resources that are both educational and fun come out on top.

Custom resource folders

You can now organize your resources into folders.  In 'My Resources', start dragging any resource to show the list of folders in the top left.  Drag the resource onto an existing folder or onto 'add new folder' to create a new one.  You can use the 'Ctrl' key (the command key for MacOS users) to select several resources and drag them together.

Other improvements include improved ordering of student groups on the home page, ordering of tasks in the markbook and updates for Apple users.