Google, Twitter, Facebook and Email account integration

Are you or your students fed up with having to remember different passwords for each site you use?  If so, we have some good news for you.  You can now forget about your Schoolshape password and log in using your Google, Twitter or Facebook accounts.  It&;s also now possible for students to link their email accounts so they can recover their passwords when they are lost.

To link up your accounts, click &;Login accounts&; from the settings page, and click one of the icons by &;Add&;.  You can then log in using this account at:  This will become the default login page in the near future.

If your students are frequently asking you to reset their passwords for them, you can tell them to link an account so they can recover their own passwords in future.

Student self-registration

You no longer have to create student accounts on their behalf.  You can tell new students to visit, from where they can create their own accounts, and hand in work to you via email, Twitter and more.

Support dropped for IE 6 and 7


Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 were released in 2002 and 2006 respectively, and have now been outmoded by more recent browsers.

As part of our work to support new devices such as mobile phones and tablets, we have dropped support for these browsers in our language lab software, and are aiming to drop support for versions 8 and 9 early in 2014.  Users of out-of-date browsers will be prompted to update when they log into Schoolshape.  We recommend the following browser versions for desktop users and are committed to supporting them for the next three years:

Chrome 22+
Safari 6+
Internet Explorer 10+
Firefox 12+


Record number of CE oral exams submitted

The 2013 Common Entrance oral exams are complete, with a record number of 2,414 exams being completed between Monday and Saturday.  Schoolshape has now successfully processed over 9,000 exams totalling more than a month of recorded audio!

This year, French continued to be the most popular subject by far, Spanish gained in popularity while German stayed a relatively exclusive subject.   Also, a hearty 祝贺你们!  to two candidates at Broomwood hall who submitted the first ever Mandarin exams via Schoolshape!

  No. exams submitted May 2012 No. exams submitted May 2013
French: 2115 2199
Spanish: 175 201
German: 11 12
Mandarin: 0 2


Across all subjects, Level 1 exams made up only 7% of submissions, with Level 2 accounting for the rest.

Schoolshape Language Laboratory announce version 2.11


Schoolshape has built on the success of its Audio and Video Language Labs, developed in collaboration with 120 UK schools since 2008.


Teachers demanded an advanced language laboratory which could be operated anywhere, on any device, such as iPad, without the need for a special computer room. Operable both synchronously and/or synchronously, the lab had to be equally useful for acquiring all four language skills.



In 2013 the Schoolshape Language Lab is one of the world’s most advanced of language labs, used by thousands of teachers and learners worldwide.



Schoolshape’s unique architecture supports modern teaching methods in an easy to use package.  Differentiation and individualization is made straightforward.  An extensive library of ready-to-use language learning materials is provided for teachers and students at all levels. Our unique resource designer enables teachers to use their creativity in combining engaging materials such as YouTube videos and creative commons artwork with structured assessment.

Schoolshape users now eagerly await the rolling out of the Version 3.00 which will bring ever more sophisticated Schoolshape features onto smartphones and android tablets in addition to the existing iPad app.