Language Lab Conversion to html5

No more Flash in Schoolshape! A big THANK YOU to all our regular users worldwide for your patience during this lengthy update! NEW users are welcome to register their free (throughout the lockdown) trial of the Schoolshape Language Laboratory at The lab is ideal for implementing a BYOD policy and for working with 'locked down' students when they are at home or elsewhere. Users can log in at with email address + password or your school’s name, your name + password. NB When you enter a new student or student group, you will be given their initial password to send to your student/s (eg via email). They will be told to change this upon logging in for the first time.

Task Permissions

When assigning tasks in Schoolshape, there is a new 'Settings' tab available which allows you to control what students are and are not allowed to do while completing the task.

For now, there is a single option 'Students can add tutors' which allows students to invite others to assess their work, disabled by default.

Collaborate with other teachers on tasks

You now have finer control when setting tasks for your students:

  • You can set tasks for individual students or selected students within a class rather than simply for the whole class
  • You can add (or remove) students from tasks after the tasks have already started.
  • You can specify other teachers to collaborate with you on the task, for example to help with answering student questions, grading or supervision, and can also add (or remove) teachers after the task has started.

The task setting functionality is available to Schoolshape subscribers only.  Please request a free trial if you would like to find out more.

CloudCaster - a collaborative recording app for MFL

Schoolshape announce the general availability of CloudCaster, a collaborative recording app.

CloudCaster enables

  • students to record themselves speaking a foreign language;
  • students to send recordings to teachers or to exchange partners for assessment;
  • recordings and assessments to be kept in student portfolios;
  • teachers to give feedback via text or by recording audio; and
  • "penfriend conversations", whereby a student and his/her exchange partner can practice their speaking skills by recording a conversation together over a period of time, one sentence at a time.

CloudCaster currently functions on Chrome, Firefox and Android, and will be made available on iOS in the near future.

CloudCaster is available for free to everyone with standard audio quality.  Higher audio quality along with management and supervision tools are available to subscribers.

To try CloudCaster now, visit and select "Speak"

Schoolshape Worksheets are now automatically graded

We have added automatic grading to Schoolshape worksheets.  Partial credit is available for reattempting an incorrect answer, and teachers can also change and set their own grades.