Pair and group work

Time spent on structured language practice is invaluable. Opportunities for synchronous and/or asynchronous conversations (spoken and/or written) are easily provided in every Schoolshape worksheet. Practice makes perfect!

How to organise students for differentiated work.

In language teaching, differentiation is key to easily providing multiple students with the right level of language practice. This shows how to easily adjust groups appropriately before assigning tasks.

Resetting multiple passwords in your language laboratory

Because FL learning requires regular communicative practice, students are often working from multiple locations. This video shows how FL teachers can use their admin rights to reset multiple passwords in the language lab, independent from their school network.

How to edit a student's name in the Schoolshape Language Lab

If you think small things like this don’t matter you have never spent the night with a mosquito. Rostas with misspellings are more common than one might think, and there’s nothing more annoying than students unable to log in simply because their name is wrongly recorded in the system!

Create a speaking resource with voice stimulus

When assigning FL speaking tasks, it is helpful for teachers to provide students with an audio stimulus to help them with intonation and pronunciation. This video shows how to do this using voice entry in the Schoolshape Language Laboratory.