Schoolshape Worksheets adds printing support

We know that many teachers need students to print off hard copies of their answers for the record, and this is now possible with Schoolshape Worksheets.  Just press Ctrl-P or choose print from the menu, and you should see a black & white copy of the work without any other widgets on the page.

Schoolshape Worksheets now available

Schoolshape has made available more than 1000 French, German and Spanish worksheets free of charge.  These can be completed online, or on iPads, Android tablets or smartphones.

Aside from supporting all four language skills with multimedia and many kinds of activity, special features include:

  • Intelligent spelling and grammar coach for writing activities in four languages (including English), and hint generation for writing errors.
  • Correction function for writing activities.  Corrections by teachers are converted into mini-activities which students complete rather than simply telling them the right answer.  
  • Facility for students to privately ask questions
  • Assessment facility including two-way discussions between teacher and student
  • Support for peer assessement - students can submit work to each other or to exchange partners for assessment as the teacher requires.

Note to Schoolshape Language Lab users:  student work in Schoolshape Worksheets is kept separately to Language Lab work, but we will be unified in April 2017.

CloudWriter - a collaborative writing app for MFL

We have been working hard over the last few weeks on perfecting CloudWriter and now that it is being used every day in over 30 schools, we are proud to announce a general release to the public.

CloudWriter is the best way for students to practise writing, rapidly reducing the number of errors they make while simultaneously reducing teachers&; workload.

Visit to view our short introductory video, or try it for yourself at

CloudWriter adds automated grammar checking

CloudWriter has recently added a slew of new features to help students improve their writing skills, including:

  • automated real-time grammar hints to help students think about structuring sentences
  • checking of feedback given by exchange partners and native speakers for errors
  • improved notifications for students and teachers - a question-asking and dialogue system

CloudWriter is now in open Beta, so please visit for more information, or to try it for yourself.

New CloudWriter service announced

Following on from the success of the Online Examinations System and the Language Lab, Schoolshape is today announcing a third online service.

Named CloudWriter, the new software will focus on writing skills, supporting students in improving spelling and grammar in modern foreign language learning and literacy skills at primary school level.  Students will be able to hone their writing skills in a collaborative environment with native speakers, while teachers can monitor and structure their learning experience.

We are now inviting a schools to participate as alpha testers, please contact us to take part.