Moving stimuli & responses in worksheets

When assigning language practice, it is useful for teachers to be able to rearrange the order of exercises on a worksheet, especially when more than one language skill is involved. This video shows how to do this in the Schoolshape Language Laboratory.

Assigning a speaking task

‘Practice makes perfect’ is the key to language speaking skills. In Schoolshape, it’s easy for the teacher to provide daily opportunities for their students to use their target language.

Checking students' progress in writing The scaffolded writing app in Schoolshape is useful for three main reasons. 1.It supports students’ writing by highlighting errors and providing hints on improvement. 2.It provides automatic assessment, saving hours of teacher time. 3.It helps to improve the quality of international written communication and collaboration. This video shows how to find improvements in students’ written performances in Schoolshape.

Adding an Image for Speaking Practice

If, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, it is a useful stimulus for foreign language speaking practice. This video shows how to embed a picture with an audio recorder in your language laboratory.

How to add a teacher to your Schoolshape Virtual School

Occasionally you may wish to add a colleague to your Schoolshape Virtual School. This could be a colleague in your own school, or someone in a partner school with whom you wish to collaborate.